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We offer child and adult lessons for anyone! Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced riders, we want to help you achieve your riding goals. We teach how to take care of and ride a horse. Everyone is welcome! We look forward to meeting you!

our horse Nico sitting up after rolling in the arena
a child riding our horse jazzy bareback in a lesson
our horse archie being led by a young girl with another girl riding him
a young rider, Pauline, kissing archie on the nose
older woman waving to the camera, riding archie western

What Happens in a lesson?

We offer private, semi-private, and group lessons. Private lessons are about 30 minutes long, while semi-private and group lessons can be up to an hour. 

When you get here, we teach you how to get your horse ready to ride and how to be safe while on the ground with horses. We also go over how to take care of horses, feeding them, caring for sick horses, creating horse safe environments, and more!

Next step, Riding! We will help you through the whole process! We help you get on the horse, then we go for a short trail ride around the arena. When you and the horse are warmed up, we will go into the arena. This is where you will learn to steer a horse, jump, or wherever you are in your riding career. 

After your ride we will help you get your horse ready to go back home to it's stall. You will learn more about how to take care of horses and be around them safely, just like at the beginning. Being around horses not only when you are riding, gives you the understanding of how horses react to things and allows you to know more about them in order to be safer and understand them better.

young rider, pauline next to nico

Ready to Lease a horse?

Half leases are available on all of our horses. When you are looking to develop a deeper connection with a horse, leasing is the right option. It guarantees that you will be riding that horse in your lessons and allows you to spend more time and form a bond with the horse.

Contact Robin for more information on leasing:

(650) 207 - 4691

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