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About Us.

The story begins with Robin Elsineitti, our wonderful trainer and founder. After a long career of teaching at other barns, Robin decided it was time to try to start her own lesson barn after she found our wonderful horse Jazzy. She packed up her other horse Malibu and moved her to the barn Jazzy was at to start teaching.

Robin wanted to create a barn where there were always people around enjoying being near horses. She wanted a place that encouraged riders to learn about horses before, during, and after they got on the horse. With all her experience in the horse world, Robin did just that. 

At Maple Leaf Equestrian, we are constantly learning and teaching. Our riders learn about feeding, caring for sick horses, keeping stalls clean and safe for horses, and much more before and after their lesson. Once on the horse we have learned that one of the best ways to learn is by watching yourself ride on video to see how your posture looks different than what it feels like. Added benefit, you get lots of videos of you riding that you can show your friends and family!

Why us?


Teaching experience is crucial when looking for a riding instructor because not everyone learns with the same explanations and tactics. That is why it is so helpful that our trainer has 30+ years of experience teaching and knows the tips and tricks to teach anyone how to ride!


Safety is a key concern when you are working with animals that way up to a thousand pounds. We make sure to talk all the precautions to keep our riders, horses, and instructors safe.


 Enjoy your time on and off the horse! Being around horses is magical and it is always important to remember to have fun!!


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